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Jerome had four previous spinal fusions, but it didn’t solve the fact that he was still hunched over and in constant pain. The doctors near his home on Long Island said he needed more surgery, but due to the complexity of his case they referred him to HSS. Working with a team of experts, Jerome’s surgeon performed a spine revision surgery that allowed Jerome to stand tall again.

Spine surgery can be a very effective way to treat chronic and persistent back pain. But not all hospitals achieve the same results. HSS spine surgeons are leading experts in the field, pioneering new approaches that result in less pain, faster recovery, and fewer complications. Complex surgeries like the one Jerome had are routine at HSS and personalized to each individual patient.

Jerome’s Spine Revision Success Story

Fajr Atif's Scoliosis Patient Story

When Fajr Atif was seven years old, her mom noticed that her shoulders were uneven, which eventually led to a diagnosis of scoliosis. She immigrated to the United States from Pakistan a year later, and remembers feeling a sense of comfort and relief that she was in good hands when she came to HSS for treatment. A couple of years later when Dr. Han Jo Kim (spine surgeon) observed a very large 70-degree curve in Fajr’s spine, they decided it was time to undergo surgery.

After a successful procedure, Fajr was so thankful to her whole care team at HSS who helped her get through her recovery, which was tough but she made amazing progress. Now five years since surgery, Fajr has no restrictions and is back to being an active teenager. By being an advocate and sharing her scoliosis journey, Fajr hopes her story inspires others who might be going through a similar experience. When Fajr grows up, she wants to be a spine surgeon, and she aspires to be an amazing caretaker for her patients like Dr. Kim was for her.

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